Let's face it: you're a geek. But that's cool. We're geeks too. No haters here.

You work hard, 50+ hours a week. You stare at a computer screen, banging out code, functional specs, database scripts. Or maybe you're hacking up HTML or jQuery, or creating amazing drop-shadows in PhotoShop. Your fingers cramp, and your eyes are strained. Carpal tunnel is a few clicks away. Why do you do this to yourself?

Because you love it. Sure, it's awesome to get paid for what we do, but being a geek is a way of life, not an occupation. It's great to work for your company, but man that project has been taking a long time, and you've been working with the same technology for too long. How about you take a weekend, work with some new geeks, maybe dabble in some new technology, and tackle a project from start to finish, that will have far more impact than you'll ever know?

Think about volunteering a weekend for Coders4Charities. Use your specialized skill sets to give back to your community by applying your talents to benefit local non-profit organizations to create or re-vamp a killer web site, or create a database so they can track volunteer hours or donation campaigns, maybe help them integrate with PayPal so they can accept online donations. These Kansas City charity volunteers and employees spend a large amount of their time marking up static HTML or managing spreadsheets or Access databases, without any clue what they're doing, and without the budget to hire software firms to do the work for them. Imagine if, over the course of one weekend, you could drop in a shiny new CMS or a killer client/server app, something that will shave dozens of hours off their week, allowing them to focus on their real passion of feeding the homeless, rescuing dogs, supporting rape and abuse victims, running a Boy Scout Troop, and the thousands of other amazing good things these people do on a daily basis.

Registration is available here or send us an email to info@coders4charities.org







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