If you've been reading the rest of the pages on the site, you'll notice that we're giving something away for nothing.

We're bringing together Kansas City area geeks with Kansas City area non-profit organizations, and we're building new web sites for them. We're building applications to help them manage their employees, their volunteers, charitable contributions. We're helping them get their message out over the internet.

If they operate a rape hotline, they need a way for rape victims to get help fast and securely, without navigating around some clunky web site looking for a phone number. If they run an animal rescue shelter, they need a way to adopt out rescued animals to loving families. If they're promoting child well-being, or retired citizen care, or any public service, they need a way to get their message out. We do this... all over the course of a single weekend.

They can't afford this. They often don't have someone technical on staff who can do this work. We're here to do it for them. For free.

But it's not all free. We need to show our thanks to the participants by feeding them, keeping them caffeinated over the long weekend, and giving them crappy prizes (ok, not crappy), like t-shirts and digital cameras and all-electric vehicles. Well, maybe just the t-shirts. And the food. Definitely the food.

If you'd like to support this effort, and have your company affiliated with this program, we would greatly appreciate your support! Please email us at info@coders4charities.org if you would like to learn how you can help us.







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