Registered Charities

Below is the list of our currently registered charities for our 2012 event.

Charity Name: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Needs: New (possibly redesigned) website. Current website is down (hosting or domain expired). The existing website (if retrievable) needs much work, many aspects were "under construction".  Looking for place to post church newsletter, calendar/upcoming events, prayer chain/circle, youth group info to website. Would like a way for secretary or other lay worker to manage site.

Charity Name: UCP of Greater Kansas City
Needs: We need a website, that is attractive to donors, and potential clients to serve. We would love to be able to process online donations, and applications. We also provide resources to the community, would love it if these were "searchable".

Charity Name: Heroes and Halos
Needs: A complete website explaining & diplaying H & H

Charity Name: TNC Community
Needs: Our site needs an overhaul. We strongly desire for it to be an intelligent, redesign that allows us to tell our unique story (and the individuals we assist). Also, we have a strong need for an internal employee intranet that would allow us to inform that as well as provide a space that keeps them wanting to come back for more  information.

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