The Event

The 6th annual Coders 4 Charities weekend is scheduled for Friday, April 18 through Sunday, April 20, 2014.

The event will take place in the Cerner Corporation's Riverport Campus:

6711 NE Birmingham
Kansas City, MO 64117

The weekend pairs up teams of web developers, designers and analysts with representatives of local charities who receive "extreme makeovers" of web sites or full online applications for their use in just 48 hours.

Since 2007, dozens of area non-profit organizations have received complete online solutions or "revamps" from developers and designers in the Kansas City area between Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

Volunteer programmers and designers will work intensely at all hours throughout the weekend, fueled by a steady stream of catered meals and energy drinks from local sponsors, taking occasional breaks to play "Rock Band" in a room set up especially for that purpose, taking time to convene in conference rooms with whiteboards to plan strategy with charity representatives.

Charities often do not have the funds to implement a new website, intranet or database solution, while software developers may not volunteer for charity work because the needs are not adequately publicized.

"This event is the perfect marriage of these two needs; software developers accepting the challenge to volunteer their weekend to help charities, who in turn better serve our community with usable, visible, web sites. Our teams are not 'locked in' to the building, so they can sleep if they want to," said Doug Butscher, coordinator of the event. "But many 'geeks' like to stay up late and seem to do their best work at all hours of the night -- into the 'wee hours' -- so we provide them the time and facilities to do exactly that. The computer labs are available to team members throughout the weekend, and each team schedules their own developers for different jobs during the 48-hour period."

At the conclusion of the event, the Coders 4 Charities team awards prizes to teams based on the quality and usefulness of the applications they developed. Everyone who participates receives t-shirts and other giveaways from area technical recruiters, software companies, and other business sponsors who provide an enthusiastic, comfortable, creative environment in which to work. Participating charities also receive the assets and source code produced during the event, so they can continue to enhance and maintain the implementation provided over the weekend.

"It will be like a fishbowl for us for 48 hours, but that's a great way to let the community know what good can come when you pair highly-knowledgeable 'geeks' with the organizations who desperately need their talents," Butscher said. "If you add up the total dollar value of services represented in the building over the weekend, it amounts to tens of thousands of dollars' worth of development and creativity -- given freely to the community we serve."

Email if you would like more information on being a part of this event.

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