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Coders4Charities was founded in early 2007 after participating in a similar event, the 1st Annual We Are Microsoft event, in Dallas. Since 2007, there have been 5 weekend events, and we have helped over 40 local non-profit organizations do their good work by providing them with technical solutions: new/revamped web sites, client/server database implementations, PayPal integration, SharePoint integration, and more.

The purpose of the Coders4Charities core team is to solicit participation from software developers, graphics designers, database administrators, business analysts, and many other local geeks. We must also select from a large pool of non-profit organizations who desperately need technological "extreme makeovers." In addition, we need to find local sponsors to fund the weekend, as well as secure an area for all of this happen.

On average, we work with about 80 geeks to help about 10 charities each year. We like to keep it small and organic, as it makes it personally profound for each participant, and it keeps the energy and excitement levels super-high.

Founder / Coordinator: Doug Butscher
C4C Site designers: Doug Butscher, Cody Inman, Joe Loux.
Contact Us: info@coders4charities.org

Doug Butscher

Doug ButscherDoug is the founder of Coders 4 Charities, and was inspired to launch the event in Kansas City after attending an event in Dallas. He's proud to work alongside with Joe and Cody, and looks forward to many more years of fun with the event. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer and VP Technology for Lead Cube in Overland Park, KS.
You can reach him at doug [at] coders4charities.org and read his blog at http://coders4charities.org/dougsblog.aspx




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